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Portraits Gallery
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Liberty Lighting the Way  5/17/00, Pencil and digital color,
13" x 19"  (Drawn from the highest point of the pedestal, looking straight up.)  For Liberty bumper sticker, click here.
Study of the hand,
8.5 x 11, Pencil on bristol board, 5/00
First Snow 
11" x 14" Pencil on Clayboard 2/27/00
~8.5 x 11" Pencil  (See this same person at an older age below.)
Rifle Team
  ~8.5 x 11"  Pencil and digital editing
 Prayer of the Trinity
 *  See Awards and Honors  Pencil with image inversion,  8/99, 11" x 14"
Ugandan Man
~12" x18," Freehand Digital Airbrush
March 2004
Ugandan Woman in Formal Dress
19" x13," Freehand Digital Airbrush
March 2004
National Weather Service, Reno
Weather Balloon Release
8/15/04, 11 x 14
Watercolor and digital airbrush
Mardi Gras
13" x 19"
2/16/05 Digital Airbrush
Fat Tuesday
19" x 13"
2/1/05, Digital airbrush
Butterfly on the Wall
19" x 13"  Digital airbrush 4/26/05
First Lady
19" x 37"
Digital Airbrush, 5/24/05
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Day of the Dead by Julie Rodriguez Jones
Day of the Dead
Up to 48 " x 48", Digital 7/28/15