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Two great fine art companies, Art from the Soul and Spherical Magic have teamed up again to celebrate both everyday and special occasions with affordable fused glass necklaces, featuring Art from the Soul art.   Spherical Magic's specialty is glass art which is a perfect marriage for Art from the Soul's liturgical art, space art and other works.  

These fine art glass pieces will never fade as they are fused into the glass and everyone is hand made. $18.  Many match the stoles and banners on our Liturgical Arts pages.        

Just click on the pendant to make a purchase.       

Fused Glass Pendants

Rose Nebula 1
Angel Wing Nebula
Rose Nebula 2
Rose Nebula 3
Forbidden fruit
When you're hot
Crown of Thorns
Golden Aurora
Here am I
Send me
Floating magnolia 2
Floating magnolia 3
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