January-February 2018 Newsletter
Welcome to the January-February 2018 newsletter of AFTS.  In this issue we look at:

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* Celebrating Latin America *

* Did you miss the sunrise? *
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Celebrating Latin America

AFTS will be in Manzanillo, Mexico at the beginning of the new year (1/9/18-2/8/18) gathering new ideas for stoles and banners.  What a great time to share with you the variety of stoles we have with a Latin themes.  The colors and faith of this large portion of the Earth provide for inspiration for stoles, banners and other art.  Keep your eyes peeled here and on Facebook  (AFTS Page:  https://www.facebook.com/AFTSart/, Personal Page:  https://www.facebook.com/JulieRodriguezJonesfor the wonderful things we see.

Below are just a few of the stoles we have created from our travels in Mexico.
Sea Glass Clergy Stoles
We have a variety of colors!
If you something you like, remember that most of our art can be customized.  Colors can be changed and we will add text at no additional charge.

Take a look our our banner and stole index organized by theme HERE.

Ordering information for stoles is HERE.    
Banner ordering is HERE.
Sunrise 11/24/17  39" x 51"
Sunrise 11/25/17  29" x 93"
Sunrise 12/15/17  29" x 119"
Sunrise 12/29/17  44" x 93"
Watch for our Manzanillo sunrises next!
Did you Miss the Sunrise?
1/3/18 Sunrise 29x73
12/28/17 Sunrise 29x66