It is amazing to see what art results from a name.  Art from the Soul can take a word, name or initials and turn it into something unique for you.  The uses are endless.  It is great fun and best of all it is inexpensive. The art work shown on this page is made only using the name or initials shown.  That's it.  Nothing else.  The secret is in knowing how to lay out the name, twist it, turn it, duplicate it and pulling the word into its final shape.  Take a look at the examples below.

Want to see what your name, personal, business or otherwise looks like?  Just eamil us at or call us at 775-424-2548.  Let us know if there are one or two colors that you prefer and if it is for a male, female, business or other application.  The results can be a personal logo, crest, business cards or even corporate identity. This is great for new babies, kids, businesses and churches.

Do you want a unique application?  Not a problem. We can go forward from the above for more sophisticated applications.  We can put this art on almost anything including banners, cards, stationary, gift cards, business cards, shirts, mugs, caps, aprons, baby items--well the list is endless.  Want it embroidered instead of printed for a really nice gift?  We've got you covered.  We'll be happy to quote you a price for any special application.

Let us show you the endless ideas and what is possible.  We'll send you or post on line, a free digital preview for your approval.    Prices are at the bottom of the page. 
Give Wings to Your Words!   Turn your mission statement into art.

Greeting Cards:
Half sheet (face of the card is 8.5x5.5) white greeting card with envelope: $1.50

2'x 3'
Single name on a 2'x3' banner: $10 
Two names on a 2'x3' banner: $15.00
Up to five names on a 2'x3' banner: $25.00

12" x 18"  (Minimum of 2 banners)
Single Name:  $5/banner

8" x 12"  (Minimum of 3 banners)
Single Name: $3.33/banner

Want something else such as clothing or a different size?  Want it in bulk? Not a problem.  Just email or call us for a quick quote!, Phone 775-424-2548 or SKYPE jrjones714    Let us brainstorm with you!!

We accept all major credit cards.  
After we give you your price with shipping, payment is made securely on line here:

The above artwork was made ONLY from the initials, AFTS.
Your Name As Art

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