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Flaming Rose Nebula
22" x 22" or request size
Digital airbrush
Available in other sizes and on canvas
Flaming Rose Nebula Dish
Flaming Rose Nebula Bowl
Four Inch Custom Flaming Rose Nebula Bowl

We have an wonderful collaboration that has begun with Joy Day, the amazing glass artist and partner at Spherical Magic.

This is just the first dish of many to come that hopefully will be available as platters, large bowls and a variety of other dishes.  

This dishwasher safe, custom bowl, is literally one of a kind.  The art is embedded into the bowl so will NEVER wash off or fade.  Joy took the piece of art to the left and hand painted it into the bowl with "frit" so it melts into the glass and is a part of it.  The dishes have an iridescent back which makes it really shine.  Order one or a set!!  Perfect for ice cream, salsa and a host of other items.

Bowl is ~ 4" wide x 2" deep. $70 plus $5 shipping and is ordered through Art from the Soul.  Will ship ~7 days after receipt of order.
Rose Nebula 1
Rose Nebula 2
Rose Nebula 3
Flaming Rose Nebula Fused Glass Pendants
Just click on the pendant for an enlargement or to purchase.  Only $16