All five entries into  the  9th Annual Judeo-Christian International Juried Art Exhibition at the Upstream People Gallery in Omaha  were not only accepted but all five received Special Recognition awards.   This is the first exhibit into which I have entered Liturgical Art.
This is from the Juror's Statement 
What an outstanding showcase of artwork that is perhaps the most inspirational of all the shows hosted thus far by Upstream People Gallery. Congratulations to all the artists who have shared their God given talents. Following are comments about some of the artists and their exemplary works of very fine art. 

Julie Rodriguez Jones of Spanish Springs, NV has developed some very respectable liturgical artworks; a series of banners and matching stoles. In her works “If They Kept Quiet the Stones Would Cry Out...” is handsomely depicted with a stone-like texture in earth tones; “Pentecost Tongues of Fire...” is dramatically created with a reddish fire-like imagery on black; “The Names of God...” is beautifully presented in a rich green with various names of God printed in various fonts; “The Vessel...” uses the imagery of a vessel being poured out representing God’s gifts to us being shared and then filled again; and “We Gather Together...” uses the brilliantly colored leaf motif to indicate people together asking for the Lord’s blessing. All of these are wonderful contemporary and useful icons.

Dr. Larry Bradshaw
Curator, Professor of Art

USA TODAY 4/9/09 Features Art from the Soul.

Mercury Magazine:  Some of our liurgical artwork appeared in the Summer 2009 issue of "Mercury," the magazine of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.  The article was about the state of space art and discussed that many artists, such as myself, diversify into many different fields.

"I wanted to tell you why I think you are an exceptional Liturgical Artist.  You work within the Liturgy and sermons to provide a cohesive worship experience for the participants.  I appreciate your passion and desire to catch the vision of the service.  I know that your gifting has blessed not just our congregation but many churches around the world.  Thanks for sharing that gift with us."   -The Rev. Steve Wren

April 1, 2010 12th Annual International Judeo-Christian International Art Exhibition:  Juror's Statement:  "JULIE RODRIGUEZ JONES of Sparks, Nevada adds an interesting set of veil images she creates successfully with digital airbrush. One that is most familiar perhaps is “Mary of Magdala - Transformation” wherein she uses the image of the golden butterfly. Each of the others are wonderful in terms of her interpretations. Another interesting one is “The Women at the Empty Tomb” which shows the women merging with the dark tomb. The small light inside the tomb is very effective."

Dr. Larry Bradshaw, Upstream People Gallery, Omaha, NB

Both Mary's Transformation Shawl and the Women at the Empty Tomb received Special Recognition Awards.

July 2014

"My sincere thanks to you for all of these fine banners.  I am so happy to be able to provide them for the church
through the memorial money.  Your kindness is as fine as your artistic work.  God Bless, Marcia"
"He Lives" Banner and Stole on Pastor Steve Wren from Easter Sunday at Sparks First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
560 Queen Way
Sparks, Nevada USA
Do you have an Art from the Soul banner or stole?  Send a photo and we will post it along with the name and address of your church and link to your church's website if you wish.  Send
"Names of God" banner and "He Lives" banner using the "Names" background with custom text.
New South Wales, Australia
Custom entry Banner using "Silver Chimes"
Tipp City Church of Christ, 6460 S. County Rd. 25-A
Tipp City, Ohio USA
Minister Robert Vincent

The sanctuary at Lompoc, California Disciples of Christ Church:
Robert Cornwall, Pastor

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Parish, 105 La Esperanza, San Clemente, CA 92672   
Fr . Jack Sewell, Pastor              
using the Ebenezer Riverbed Banners, 5' x 15'

First United Methodist Church, 200 East Snyder, Hobbbs, NM 88240     
The Rev. Steve Chappell, Pastor
using the Love, Hope, Peace and Joy Banners, each at 32 inches x 12 feet

Melody Troncale wears the lightning bolt stole for a  wedding honoring both Christian and Native American/First Nation heritages.  The stole was customized with the vescia pieces.
Seasons of Life Wedding Banner 
Created for the Brian Hulse and Peg Zenko Wedding
Pembine Presbyterian Church, Greenbay, WI
Peg says, "It's framed, and ready to go with us on Saturday.  It's absolutely gorgeous!  We thought long & hard on it, because it should be under Plexiglas, but I love the light off the texture of the canvas, and Brian agrees.  
I really don't know how we can thank you for making a small idea into a big part of our day.  It was important to both of us to have something lasting that provoked a sense of peace and spirit for everyone who sees it. 
The Rev. Chris Boyer of Good Shepherd Baptist Church, Lynwood Washington celebrates the wedding of  his sister-in-law, Katherine (Kate) Eddens, and the groom, Samuel (Sam) Meyer.  The venue was the Japanese Garden at Missouri Botanical Gardens (aka Shaw's Garden) in St. Louis.   Rev. Boyer is wearing the good shepherd logo (copyright Good Shepherd Baptist Church) embroidered on to each side of the stole.

St. Mark's United Methodist Church Overland Park, KS.  Larry Keller Pastor

St. Mark's UMC took a creative approach to creating 10 banners for Advent.  They combined the Love and Peace banners and then combined the Hope and Joy banners for the front of the sanctuary.  They have two short banners for each lectern and two table runners for the communion table.  The table for the advent wreath has 4 smaller banners, each with love, hope, peace and joy on them.  Their minister, The Rev. Larry Keller, compliments this advent theme with the wearing of the Love, Hope, Peace and Joy matching stole.

Their director of music, Janet Carter says:  "The banner set is a huge success. They add vibrancy and life to the sanctuary, and depth to the area around the cross. The colors are perfect and the words are easily readable on the banners and on the advent wreath. I had worried that some of the more traditional folk would not approve but everyone who walks in to the sanctuary comments about how beautiful they are.  What you cannot see in the picture is that we have stained glass windows down the side of the church  - they're multi-colored, but with many shades of blues and purples - so the banners help those colors to "pop" as you view the whole sanctuary.  Thanks for all your help and for your beautiful design. I tell everyone who the artist is whenever I get the chance!

 All of the banners were printed by and their marvelous staff.
Photo by Carol Rodriguez 2012

Artist, Julie Rodriguez Jones on location in Manzanillo where she designed The Waves stole.  
The Rev. Steve Wren of Sparks First Christian Church is wearing a custom wedding stole with the bride and groom's names.  The custom wedding banner has a quote from the Song of Solomon: "This is my beloved and this is my friend."  Rev. Wren removed the stole at the end of the ceremony and wrapped it  around the hands of the bride and groom and blessed the union.  The stole will be a treasured keepsake for the couple and they plan on framing it.

The groom says: "I can't believe how fast this was created and how perfect it turned out.  We had only one week  to plan for this wedding and using the stole for the final blessing was something I will always remember.  The banner was a surprise for my wife and her entire family loved it." - Ross Jones, Groom
Matching invitations were created.  This one went on the "activities" board of the church.  
The "Names of God" banners hang at the 277 year old Rhinebeck Reformed Church - Rhinebeck, NY.
Sine Nomine, Denver, Colorado
Sine Nomine sports the second side of their double sided stoles in their 2008 premier performance.  The aurora series of stoles can be seen HERE. Side one was a custom stole featuring their choir's name as shown on the left.
We are getting very nice compliments on the look... "very successful", "unique", and "clever" are among my favorites.  Both sides are getting attention - a "subtle rainbow with a neat design" and "fantastic original art." 
Faith Lutheran in Ofallon, IL took an existing banner background, requested a color change and added custom, transparent wording.
The Make a Joyful Noise banner celebrates the area of the church where the praise band is.
Transform what you see on these pages to something that matches your church.
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and to color match your banners.
Color matching to walls and stained glass.
Photo from Trish Fitzgerald, Australia
St. Peter's Chapel, Royal Australian Air Force Base Tindal in Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia.

Ordering from overseas and printing banners has been made easy by Art from the Soul -- and inexpensive.   Trish phoned me toll free from Australia on Skype.  (My Skype number is jrjones714.)  We discussed the order and then I uploaded the art to her printer in Australia.  No charge for the call, free upload, no overseas shipping and no waiting.  

Trish says, "I am very pleased with how it all turned out. Everyone just loves the banners. Thank you again. You have a special gift.  God bless you."

Sparks First Christian Church in Nevada with the Women of Lent Banners
Mary Magdaline Banner
Mary Salome Banner
Mary Magdalene banner
Mary Salome banner
Custom Color Changes for Stoles too!
So you've seen a stole you like but you need colors to match your choir robes.  Not a problem.  You can do what many people do and send us a fabric sample, carpet samples, paint chips and more to match.   We recently took the "Make a Joyful Noise" stole in it earthen browns and turned it into something that would be complimentary to a burgundy choir robe for the 30th anniversary of a choir master.   Custom changes are possible on most all art!  A complete remake of this stole cost the customer only $45.
Custom stole for The Rev. Ken McIntosh celebrating 30 Years of Ministry.  Michelle says, "He loved it!."
Custom "30 Years of Ministry" Stole
First Presbyterian Church Green Bay, WI
From the Rev. Mark Aitchison, Senior Minister, Islington United Church, 25 Burnhamthorpe Road, Toronto, ON M9A 1G9 

These banners are twelve feet high.  Art from the Soul worked with the Rev. Aitchison and had them printed in Canada and the church thus saved on shipping costs, transportation delays and duty,
Our newest Banners and Stoles are on Page 4
These are photos by the Rev. Alexandra Childs of the installation into the Interim Guild of the Northern California Nevada Conference of  the United Church of Christ of The Rev. Jeanne Loveless.  Jeanne holds dual standing in the UCC and the DOC and has a unique call to Interim Ministry.  Jeanne discerned a strong call to work with congregations that are in the intentional interim time, are in conflict and crisis, are in designated term situations, or have experienced breeches of trust.  Art from the Soul designed her banners and stole with input and wording from Jeanne!
The "Santo" Stole as worn by Fr. William Budden 
 in Manzanillo, Mexico
Jerri Handy Ordination Photos
"Witnessing" banner using the ordinand's (Jerri Handy) created 3 person logo.  I thought that flames would be appropriate for witnessing, as in the disciples after Pentecost with the flames being reflected in the people, thus reflecting the word of God.  Banner is 3' x 9.'   The stole reflected the flames.
 Outdoor Pentecost Banners at
First Presbyterian Church of Flint Michigan 
Fr. Bill wearing the Waves Stole.
Fr. Bill wearing the Waves Stole in Manzanillo, Mexico.
"You are so amazing Julie....These are the pictures from the whole Transition of Ordination and Installation Service held last Sunday at Kellogg Christian Church (DOC) in Kellogg, Iowa...a small little church filled with lots of heart.  It was a perfect service,,,  The stole was amazing out of the box, on a hangar, ironed, back on the hangar but it really took on life when it was placed around my neck and shoulders...Naomi DeHart presented it to me and Julie Gibson helped her. I had waited so long for the service and to wear the stole!!!!  Thank you so much.  It is back on a padded hangar until the New Year.  Peace and blessings...God has truly gifted you...Wendy  
PS, I will get cards to match after my next payday!"

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Clinton Wardle sends us this photo from the Modbury Church of Christ in South Australia.

Pastor Ruth Foss at Stetson Memorial UMC on 1/12/14 during her Names of God sermon series.