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For uses from Good Friday, Genesis and the Ten Commandments to calming stormy seas, this bold ministerial stole with vivid, cloudy, blue and back skies is a background for lightning bolts the length of the stole.  Stole is 5" x 106."  A young person was heard on Good Friday saying, "Best one yet."  
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Customer Kudos:

"Absolutely beyond beautiful!!!!  It takes my breath away, and I have tears running down my cheeks~  I'm speechless.
Pilamaya Waste' ~ Great Thanks"   Denise Iwaniw

Good Morning!    I received the stoles yesterday and they are beautiful!!!The Methodist cross looks great!!   I can not wait to give them to the 2 pastors involved...they will love  them-----Thank you! Diane"

"The banners and stoles arrived today and they are all soooo beautiful.  I can't wait to present the banners to my congregation for their support of prayers and finances to put me through seminary.  I will be ordained on Saturday the 24th and will present the banners to the congregation at worship on the 25th as their official Minister. Thank you for helping to make this gift possible!"  -Martha Atkins

Pentecost Stole, 106", Back side of stole is black
None in stock.   If an item isn't in stock and you would like it, just tell us and we will have it ready for you within 10-14 days.
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There is a wonderful story behind the commissioning of the "Peace. Be Still" banner and stole.  It represents a calling to interim ministry:

Rev. Jeanne Loveless was to be installed into the Interim Guild of the Northern California Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ.  The installation was hosted by Jeanne's home congregation, Tapestry Ministries (DOC/AB) at the Ecumenical Center of Berkeley, 1798 Scenic Ave. 94709.  Jeanne has Ordained Ministerial Partnership Standing in the Bay Association of the Northern California Conference of the United Church of Christ and retain her standing as an Ordained Minister in the Northern California Nevada Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) at the same time!  Jeanne discerned a strong call to work with congregations that are in the intentional interim time, are in conflict and crisis, are in designated term situations, or have experienced breeches of trust. Jeanne is currently serving as Interim Senior Pastor of First Congregational Church of Oakland (United Church of Christ).

Pentecost stole by Julie Rodriguez Jones -
Dazzling, flame like reds and oranges call attention to the holy spirit descending on the planet. 
See the bottom of the page for stole details and pricing.
"Julie, the Names of God stole arrived today and it is truly beautiful.  Thank you so much getting it to me so quickly. An added plus is knowing how to care for the stole. I know Ellery will be very touched with your creativity. Our church will bless the stole this Sunday before it is shipped to our newly ordained pastor at his first church in Iowa.  Joan"

"Hi Julie, I received the "Names of God - Style 2" stole and wore it for the first time this past Sunday! So many people in our congregation noticed it, wanted to read all the names on it, and said it was beautiful (which it is!). This is the ONLY stole I have ever worn that fits properly at the back of the neck and over the shoulders and so it also doesn't 'flip' in the front. Thank you so much for creating such beauty! I will wear it with joy! And I will let my colleagues know about your business.
Blessings,  Donna Lee Merz"
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We keep a small supply of stoles in stockThat means they can normally ship, as is, within 24-48 hours or less. 

Normally all of our stoles are custom made for each person as we offer changes in wording, images, length and totally custom stoles but we also know which of our stoles are the most popular so that means we can create some stoles for stock.  Additions such as name plates will take longer and the length is set on these stoles.  The artwork and wording on these stoles can not be changed as they have already been created.

Changes on this page will happen on a regular basis!  See the bottom of the page for additional ordering information.  If it isn't in stock, we will usuaally make your requested stole within 10-14 days.
Names of God No. 1, 106" Stole, Back of Stole is Black Cotton
None in stock.  If an item isn't in stock and you would like it, just tell us and we will have it ready for you within 10-14 days.
Waves Stole 106" for Baptisms and other Occasions, Back side of stole is white
TWO in stock. If an item isn't in stock and you would like it, just tell us and we will have it ready for you within 10-14 days. 
Artwork closeup
The "Waves" stole is perfect for baptisms or other uses from  Moses parting  the seas to the creation story!  In this stole, there are multiple shades of blues and white in these rolling waves which surround this stole.    The reverse side of the the stole is white. 

THREE in stock. Long 106" Waves stole showing  both the front and the back of the collar.
Father Bill wearing the Waves Stole in Manzanillo, Mexico. Logos and text are added at no additional cost..

"Peace.  Be Still."  Stole 106"   Back of Stole is black
One in stock.   If an item isn't in stock and you would like it, just tell us and we will have it ready for you within 10-14 days.
Note concerning this graphic:  This stole has the same cut out neck line as all the others.  See the bottom of the page.  (This small graphic just doesn't reflect it.)
Hope Love Joy Peace 106" Stole, Back of stole is black.
One in stock.  If an item isn't in stock and you would like it, just tell us and we will have it ready for you within 10-14 days.
Here am I Lord, Send Me 106" Stole, Back of stole is black. 
 None in stock.  If an item isn't in stock and you would like it, just tell us and we will have it ready for you within 10-14 days.
This brightly colored, nebulous background with star field banner and stole declare the role of the servant-leader.  Notice that "Send Me" is echoed in the background.  These are appropriate for ordinations, installation of new officers and sermons about being called to service.  See pricing details at the bottom of the page.
Customer Kudos:

"Hi Julie,  The stoles were received on Wednesday. I opened the box today at church, and was blessed by the sight of those beautiful artistic pieces. We may have a few more orders to place in the next month. And there are some who would like to order other stoles, as well. 
Some of the comments were: "spectacular, beautiful, amazing work, blessed artist". You are deeply appreciated in our community. 
Please know that you have blessed us with your gift. Continue to be blessed and a blessing. 
Love and peace,  Janice"
Make a Joyful Noise 106" Stole, Back side is black
None in stock. If an item isn't in stock and you would like it, just tell us and we will have it ready for you within 10-14 days.
The background of the image (and reflecting the "all ye lands" theme) was painted after being inspired by the brilliant and beautiful strata in the hills in Death Valley (awful name for a beautiful place). The creation of this set was inspired by a worship service at the First Congregational Church of Berkeley (United Church of Christ), my California home church, where there was a wonderful Sunday hymn sing. (I receive a majority of my inspiration for new pieces from going to worship and actually listening to the sermons.)  

Ordering information is at the bottom of the page.

"Thank you so much for your help with our order. It arrived on Saturday 8/1. We gave the Joyful Noise stole to our pastor this afternoon. She LOVED it! The name of our in-church band is Joyful Noise, so it was super appropriate as she leaves us to have something to remember everyone by. She was so touched by the stole and its quality.  Blessings to you,  Tara Germano"

"Hello, and I thank you so very, very much!  The stole arrived on today and is gorgeous. My Lord!  Your patience is truly appreciated.  I cannot thank you enough!" Cassandra Clark

Customer Kudos:

"We received the stole today and it looks wonderful.  I’m sure our friend will love it.  Thank you for all of your assistance in getting it prepared and shipped on such short notice – it was very kind of you." Noreen Dutson
The delicately intertwined sweet alyssum on a white background is just right for  an infant  baptism or baby dedication.   Wording changes are free.    Your denomination's logo can be added above or below the words on the  stole (or banner!) at no additional charge.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for additional details and purchase information.
Art work close up.
This piece is a collaboration: The original art work is by Ross Rodriguez Jones and the design and color are by Julie Rodriguez Jones.
Sweet Alyssum Baptism/Dedication/Christening 106" Stole, Back of stole is white.
Two in stock, see below.  If an item isn't in stock and you would like it, just tell us and we will have it ready for you within 10-14 days.
One in stock in our OLD style where the art is appliqued on to the stole.  $125.00
None in stock in our standard new stole.  $157.16
The full description of how these are made are at the bottom of the page.
Butterfly / Transformation / Easter  Stoles
Two of our Stained Glass Butterfly stoles are in stock. ONE monarch butterfly stole is in stock.  If an item isn't in stock and you would like it, just tell us and we will have it ready for you within 10-14 days.
These transformation  stoles are appropriate for transformation themes, Easter or sermons about change.  Great for spring and summer too.   These have been used for weddings too. Choose this or another background color changed for you at no charge.  Add wording or denomination logos to the banners or stoles at no charge!

Purchase details at the bottom of the page.
106" None in stock  We can create a stole for you in 10-14 days or take advantage of our rush service.
"Stained Glass" Butterfly Stole
Jewel toned butterfly clergy stole

You are so amazing Julie....These are the pictures from the whole Transition of Ordination and Installation Service held last Sunday at Kellogg Christian Church (DOC) in Kellogg, Iowa...a small little church filled with lots of heart.  It was a perfect service,,,  The stole was amazing out of the box, on a hangar, ironed, back on the hangar but it really took on life when it was placed around my neck and shoulders...Naomi DeHart presented it to me and Julie Gibson helped her. I had waited so long for the service and to wear the stole!!!!  Thank you so much.  It is back on a padded hangar until the New Year.  Peace and blessings...God has truly gifted you...Wendy  PS, I will get cards to match after my next payday!"

From Darcy Davis:  "The ordination ceremony was awesome!  Everyone commented on the beauty of my stole!  I felt like the belle of the ball!  ;-)  I was clicking off the name of your web site left and right!  Should have had some of your business cards with me.  The symbolism in my stole was so meaningful to so many people."

"Good Morning!    I received the stoles yesterday and they are beautiful!!!The Methodist cross looks great!!   I can not wait to give them to the 2 pastors involved...they will love  them-----Thank you! Diane"
Butterfly clergy stole by Art from the Soul
Monarch pattern. None in stock. Can create for you in 10-14 days.
sea glass stole one
"Run to the waters of your baptism." Stole
None in Stock.  This stole can be created in 10-14 days or sooner.
The Story behind the Stole

In Cuyatlan, Mexico there is a Tortugario, or Turtle Sanctuary where they protect the eggs of baby sea turtles and then release them. We had the privilege of seeing one day old sea turtles when we were there and with the liturgical season being ordinary time it seemed like a wonderful idea to create this green stole with these beautiful baby sea turtles running into the ocean, and thus their baptism. It seemed appropriate that we should continually do the same.

We didn't get to see them be released but that is what the artist is for, huh!?

For an enlargement, right click and select view image or copy image URL and paste into the web address bar-depending on your operating system.


Use this stole for baptisms, sermons about water and/or baptism.

Use the suggested text or something of your own choosing at no additional cost.  Denomination logos or faith symbols are usually added at no cost.

We create our own art and print our own fabric.  
And check our Banner and Stole Index for other ocean themed stoles.

106" stoles will be shortened upon request-prior to placing your order.
Purchase information is HERE.
Run to the waters of you baptism Stole
Day old sea turtles at the tortugario in Cuyatlan, Mexico.
Rainbow Clergy Stole
One in Stock
"Your work is beautiful and I am already planning an ordination stole for a friend which I know you will be able to do! You have my business and my gratitude!
 Thank you.
Sheila Lafferty"

"Received the stole yesterday.  It is beautiful & exactly what I wanted.  Thank you for excellent care and service. -Marla B. Gamble" 
Scroll to the bottom of the page for ordering informtion.
Call us at 775-424-2548
SKYPE:  jrjones714
Pacific Time
Sunrise Stole
One in stock

This stole is ready to be sewn so please allow 10 days to 2 weeks before shipping.  Its length is approximately 72."  As it is already printed no additional text nor symbols can be added but a name plate can be added.  Same price as other short stoles, $125 plus shipping.