Make a Joyful Noise Banners and Stole
Make a Joyful Noise Greeting Card
The background of the image (and reflecting the "all ye lands" theme) was painted after being inspired by the brilliant and beautiful strata in the hills in Death Valley (awful name for a beautiful place). The creation of this set was inspired by a worship service at the First Congregational Church of Berkeley (United Church of Christ), my California home church, where there was a wonderful Sunday hymn sing. (I receive a majority of my inspiration for new pieces from going to worship and actually listening to the sermons.)  

Ordering information is at the bottom of the page.
Horizontal Banner
Vertical Banner
If you are looking for more formal banners, these marbleized, upward sweeping banners will add an elegance to your sanctuary or worship area.  The text is custom created from the background of the banner.  Use as is or choose your own wording, sizes or even other colors.  Ordering information is at the bottom of the page.  
Faith, Hope, Love Banner Series
and Rock Patterns That Can Be Used for Both Stoles and Banners
Breath of the Spirit Banner
For the young and young at heart.  This pinwheel banner is just right for the children's moment, Pentecost, Sunday School rooms or any occasion celebrating the Breath of the Spirit.

Ordering information is at the bottom of the page.
Butterfly / Transformation / Easter  Banners and Stoles
These transformation banners and stoles are appropriate for transformation themes, Easter or sermons about change.  Great for spring and summer too.   These have been used for weddings too. Choose this or another background color changed for you at no charge.  Add wording or denomination logos to the banners or stoles at no charge!

Purchase details at the bottom of the page.
Matching greeting cards
"Stained Glass Butterfly Stole" and Banner
Butterfly "Stained Glass Window" Banner 60" x 72" or other sizes
(printed by our printing partner).
Baptism /  Baby Dedication / Christening Stoles and Banners
Also see our hand cast baptismal font bowls and basins.
The delicately intertwined sweet alyssum on a white background is just right for  an infant  baptism or baby dedication.   Wording changes are free.    Your denomination's logo can be added above or below the words on the  stole (or banner!) at no additional charge.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for additional details and purchase information.
Stole art work close up.
Vertical or horizontal Banner
 Azaleas Baptism/Dedication/Christening Stole and Banner
These azaleas and blossoms, climbing their way upwards are the background for this baptism/dedication stole and banner.   Wording changes are free.   Your denomination's logo can be added above or below the words on the  stole (or banner!) at no additional charge.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for additional details and purchase information.

Similar banners can be requested using the other flowers shown  below.
Azaleas close up
Vertical or horizontal banner
Sweet Alyssum Baptism/Dedication/Christening Stole and Banner
Matching gift card/invitation
Get creative and choose other colors or styles.  Would you like us to match your floors or walls?  Just send us a photo.
Check out our free virtual hanging service.
Other flower choices.

Specify blue and purple baptism flowers


Green and gold
Yellow daisies
Stained Glass Overlay Patterns for Banners
The Chalice Stained Glass Outline
The Daffodil Stained Glass Outline
The Butterfly Stained Glass Outline
The Sky Stained Glass Outline
The Rose Window #1
 Stained Glass Outline
The Sun Stained Glass Outline
The Rose Window #2 
 Stained Glass Outline
Sample using Rose Window outline #1.
Sample using Rose Window outline #2.
Would you like to turn the artwork from an Art from the Soul banner or some other pattern or art you see on this web site (like sunrises) into a stained glass window banner?   Now you can!  Ask to have one of the above patterns overlain on a banner image or any of our other art  to see what it looks like.

The samples below are variations of the "Here am I. Send me." banner  and the "Flaming Rose Nebula" painting with the rose window patterns overlain on them.  Overall colors were changed which can be done with almost any piece of art.

Here is another idea.  Take any stained glass window design above and in fill in or partially fill in specific panes in the window to create a unique design for your church.

We will help you match your church colors with our free virtual hanging service.    Need framing or hanging ideas? Just give us a call.  Contact information is at the bottom of the page.

Custom design requests are welcome.  Creating creative solutions is our pleasure.   

High quality prints are available for your home, office or church.  Just give us the size you want and in minutes you can have a quote  for this art on paper, canvas or other materials.  For framing, the outer blank areas will be printed in black.  (Makes a great gift for your church staff and ministers.)
Monarch Vertical Banner  13" x 38" or larger
Monarch "Stained Glass Window" Banner 60" x 72" or other sizes
printed by our printing partner).
Hearts Stole
 The original design was a heart interwoven in pinks and greens.   The inspiration was a hymn sung bilingually, Santo, Santo, Santo Mi corazon te adora. (Holy, Holy, Holy, My heart adores you.)  Use these or request other words at no additional charge.

Corazon is heart in Spanish.
Use this stole for:  Bilingual services, weddings, anniversaries, World Communion Sunday, Hispanic ministeries  or any other occasion.
Request green, purple or pink.  Stole back is black.   Any text and/or logos are at no additional cost. 

For ordering information go to the top of this page and look for the pointing hand.

Heart Gift Card
Gift Card 
Mary and Martha's Shawl
Mary of Magdala
Mary of Clopas's Shawl
Mary Salome's Shawl
The  Women of Lent and Easter Banners
(Click images for enlargements.)
Mary's Shawl - Temple blue
Mary of Clopas, Joseph's sister.  Carpenter burlap and brown.
Mary and  Martha.  The shawls reflect the color and droplets of anointing oil.
Mary of  Magdala.  Her theme is transformation.
Mary Salome, mother of the "sons of thunder."
Joanna and Pilate's wife wearing the colors of warning.
The three women, first to arrive at the empty tomb.
Mary, Mother of Jesus's shawl
Three women at the empty tomb.
Pilot's wife and Joanna's Shawls
Joanna's Shawl
Joanna's shawl.
Color match to your needs and style!

So you have a burgundy choir robe you want to match?  No problem.  With Art from the Soul custom changes are not a problem.  Wording changes are free and other custom changes are $30/hr.  A complete remake of this stole cost the customer only $45.
Creating with your art, photos and/or ours.
Do you have a photo of your garden flowers and you want to create a stole out of it and you are not sure if it will work or you don't know where to start?  Not a problem.  We can take your photos (and/or supplement with ours) and create stoles and other art work.  Here is the result of a request for a sunflower stole.  We have dozens of reference photos to help you that we have taken over the years.  We'll create a custom stole and send you a draft for YOU to decide if you like it (or not!) and it won't cost you anything if you don't!

The left image is the draft and the right is it coming out of the printer!
A lot of magic goes on between the two but we think you will love what you get!
Rainbow Clergy Stoles
Rainbow stole pattern closeup
Pattern Close Up
Photographic Banners

New sunrises and sunsets to choose from November 2009 (click here)
Photographic Banner
Created for Sparks First Christian Church,  this banner encourages passers-by to join the worship service in the park.  Art from the Soul can create photographic banners for your church too using our extensive, original photographic files --or yours instead.   See the bottom of  the page for the variety of materials you can choose from.

Click THIS LINK or the image below to be taken to a sampling of some of Nevada's amazing sunrises and sunsets that can be transformed into banners.  Adding text and  church/denomination logos is free.  Cropping of images and zooming in on a portion of the sky is welcome and is free of charge. Minor color adjustments may be free also.  Just let us know what size you would like and we'll let you know if it can be enlarged to what you need.  Previews with your text  and/or logo is free.   See the bottom of the page for details.
Click here or on the image to be taken to a selection of sunrises and sunsets that can be transformed into banners.  New sunrises and sunsets are being added all the time.
"Thank you so much for your help with our order. It arrived on Saturday 8/1. We gave the Joyful Noise stole to our pastor this afternoon. She LOVED it! The name of our in-church band is Joyful Noise, so it was super appropriate as she leaves us to have something to remember everyone by. She was so touched by the stole and its quality.  Blessings to you,  Tara Germano"

"Hello, and I thank you so very, very much!  The stole arrived on today and is gorgeous. My Lord!  Your patience is truly appreciated.  I cannot thank you enough!" Cassandra Clark

Greeting Cards
The Fruit of the Spirit Banner, Stole, Placards and matching greeting card

Banner  and stole details below.
Card details here.

Please specify vertical or horizontal.
The Fruit of the Spirit Stole.
Scroll to the bottom of the page for details.
"Dear Julie,
 I wanted to let you know that I received the banner and photos on Saturday..........I'm thrilled with the results of your efforts. Thank you so much for your help. Your talent will help to beautify and illustrate our Fall sermon series on "Fruits of the Spirit."

Come Ye Thankful People Come!

Another banner celebrating fall and Thanksgiving.
Invite your members to come and celebrate fall and Thanksgiving with these luscious gourds.  

Choose this or other text and/or text color at no additional charge.

Other Thanksgiving and fall banners are:

We Gather Together to Ask the Lord's Blessing
Or click Banners and Stoles Page 1 above

Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving.
Or click Banners and Stoles Page 2 above

Ordering information is at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to my friend, Peg Zenko, for the photograph of a lovely box of gourds from the farmer's market  near Green Bay, Wisconsin, which led to the creation of this banner.   You may see other collaborations here and there on Art from the Soul.  

A note from Peg:  "Brian took the banner to the consecration planning meeting last evening, and everyone LOVED it. "

The Heavens Declare Banner 1
"Heavens"  Disc 1 (Purple-green)  3' x 8' banner.   Your choice of text for any banner.    Choose vertical or horizontal orientation.  Other sizes available.
The Heavens Declare Banner 2
"Heavens"  Disc 1 (Blue-green)  3' x 8' banner.   Your choice of text.    Choose vertical or horizontal orientation.  Other Sizes available.

Accretion Disc 3
Heavens "Disc 2"
Heavens "Disc 3"
Accretion Disc 2
Custom wedding ministery / clergy stole
Custom wedding banner
Click here for enlargements.


Disc 1:  "Beautifully done.  I'm thrilled with your work." 

Disc 1: "Julie Jones marvelous rendition of a new banner for IAAA ...--with very little window of time--was awesome if not short of miraculous. Thank you Julie for doing this for us!"
 -Kara S.

Disc 1:  "I could look at this for a very long time and never get tired of it."  -Carol R.

Disc 1:  "I want to thank you personally for your fabulous job you did on the IAAA banner." Michelle R.

Disc 1:  "Your coloring choices are wonderful!"  Chris W.

Disc 1:  "I could look a this color  all day - it's wonderful! "  Peg Z.

Disc 1:  "Amazing!"  Johnna W.

On proposed outdoor church banners using Disc 1 and 2:  "This I would stop and look at!"  Peg Z.
"Remnant,"  2'x 4,'  Other sizes available, choose any text. 
Note:  Many of our banner patterns can 
be turned into stoles too.

Elizabeth Nelson says, "It is beautiful!!"
Peg Zenko says of this banner:  "The banner is stellar! The window looks so much like it's bas-relief that I keep touching it!"

"Your work is beautiful and I am already planning an ordination stole for a friend which I know you will be able to do! You have my business and my gratitude!
 Thank you.
Sheila Lafferty"

"Received the stole yesterday.  It is beautiful & exactly what I wanted.  Thank you for excellent care and service. -Marla B. Gamble" 
Our new design showing both the front of the stole and back of the neck.  Reverse side is normally black.  This is available in both short and long versions.

"We received the stole today and it looks wonderful.  I’m sure our friend will love it.  Thank you for all of your assistance in getting it prepared and shipped on such short notice – it was very kind of you." Noreen Dutson"

"It's beautiful!  I can hardly wait to share it with the congregation before we send it off to the young woman who is being ordained.  Thank you so much.- Brenda"
Holy Ground Clergy Stole by Julie Rodriguez Jones
These are a few of our stone patterns turned into  stoles.  In this view you are looking at the back of the collar and the front of the stole together. The underside is black.

 See the bottom of the page for details.  Wording and logos are always added at no cost.  Be creative with any of our art!  Mix and match patterns from banners or stoles or even other art you find on the Art from the Soul web site.  Colors can easily be changed to meet your needs.

Jewel toned butterfly clergy stole
Jewel toned butterfly banner
"You are so amazing Julie....These are the pictures from the whole Transition of Ordination and Installation Service held last Sunday at Kellogg Christian Church (DOC) in Kellogg, Iowa...a small little church filled with lots of heart.  It was a perfect service,,,  The stole was amazing out of the box, on a hangar, ironed, back on the hangar but it really took on life when it was placed around my neck and shoulders...Naomi DeHart presented it to me and Julie Gibson helped her. I had waited so long for the service and to wear the stole!!!!  Thank you so much.  It is back on a padded hangar until the New Year.  Peace and blessings...God has truly gifted you...Wendy  PS, I will get cards to match after my next payday!"

From Darcy Davis:  "The ordination ceremony was awesome!  Everyone commented on the beauty of my stole!  I felt like the belle of the ball!  ;-)  I was clicking off the name of your web site left and right!  Should have had some of your business cards with me.  The symbolism in my stole was so meaningful to so many people."

"Good Morning!    I received the stoles yesterday and they are beautiful!!! The Methodist cross looks great!!   I can not wait to give them to the 2 pastors involved...they will love  them-----Thank you! Diane"

"Thank you Julie, the stole is absolutely beautiful!  I love it.  Candace Stewart"
Get creative with butterflies (or anything else)!  Easter 2012 at Sparks First Christian Church included two dozen banners, valences throughout the sanctuary in matching monarch butterfly colors, ninety butterflies emerging from the "empty tomb," a communion table runner in monarch butterfly colors, a three dimensional butterfly cross and a shawl of butterflies for "Mary Magdalene" at the tomb.  Let us brainstorm with you for meaningful, visual worship.  Art from the Soul gives wings to ideas.
Butterfly clergy stole by Art from the Soul
Preview what your banner will look like in your church.  
Just send us a photo of the area of your church where you plan on hanging your banners and we will hang them virtually to make sure they are just what you want!
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Art from the Soul Clergy Stoles and Banners Pg 3 of 5: 
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"Dear Julie: Just wanted you to know that the Easter butterfly banner was loved and appreciated by our people here; "Amazing."   I will be contacting you soon for more orders; we love what you do with spirituality and nature.  Peace,  Pat Bailey
Christ Presbyterian Church of Telluride"

Rainbow stole by
Choose any words or symbols or just plain  at no additional charge.  Others have used Anyone and Everyone opposite each other.

Ordering information is at the top of the page.
The three dimensional cross is now available as a banner!!!    See the bottom of the page,  on the left hand side for banner information.  We will scale the banner up proportionally for you.
Artwork detail
© 1999-2013 Julie Rodriguez Jones 
Images on this site are protected by an embedded,  electronically traceable watermark, even if modified.
Specific images have been registered with the Library of Congress Copyright Office.
  Written, rescindable  permission to use is required.
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Most of Our newest Banners and Stoles are on Page 4
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sea glass stole one
Vespers Banner by Julie Rodriguez Jones
Stoles, banners or other liturgical art are available for all faiths.
    UCC (United Church of Christ), The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ -DOC), Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, LDS, Latter Day Saints, Mormon, Mormons,  Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Independent, Church of Christ, Seventh Day Adventist, Quaker, Friends, Christian Scientists, Religious Scientists, African Methodist Episcopal, AME, COGIC, Buddhist, Bahai, Unitarian, Jehovah's Witnesses, Independent, Evangelical, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, Korean, Samoan, Pentecostal, Calvinist, Hinduism, Judaism, Jews, Calvinists, Clerical, Minister, Priest, Ministerial, Druid, Pagan, Native, United Church of Canada, Gay, Lesbian, Queer, Questioning, Transgender, Intersex, LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQI, clergy stoles, clerical stoles, minister stoles, stoles for ministers, ministerial stoles, stoles for clergy
Rainbow 1
Rainbow 2
Pattern Close Up
Purchase information is HERE.
Purchase information is HERE.
Purchase information is HERE.
Many of our newest Banners and Stoles are on Page 5
Right click to select the properties of any image or to copy the image's URL.  Paste the URL into the address bar to see the enlargement.

What a fun challenge this was!  Pastor Steve Wren of Sparks First Christian Church was preparing a series of sermons based on the "The Women of Lent."  He gave me a brief description of each sermon and gave me the freedom to create.  He mentioned that he envisioned shawls.  I took some liberties with this assignment and created some designs that may not have been seen in the day but placed them on modest covering, mostly with traditional Jewish fringe.  The designs reflect what I personally thought described the women.

Mary, Mother of Jesus:  The Shawl of Separation
Mary, the Mother of Jesus talks about the separation she felt when he went missing in Jerusalem.  I visualized people dressed to go to temple.  This shawl captures some traditional lines that might have been seen in a Jewish shawl, including fringe.

Mary of Clopas, Mother of James, Son of Alpheus: The Shawl of Faith
Joseph’s sister shares her observation of his faith to take on the role of adoptive father.  I visualized browns and burlap for a natural, rugged look of a carpenter’s sister.

Mary & Martha:  The Shawl of Belief 
The sisters recall the resurrection of Lazarus and Christ’s call to belief.  
I used the idea of anointing and reflected it in the stoles, using the color and droplets of an anointing oil.  Enlarged, you can see the individual droplets.  Each shawl has a different pattern.

Mary Salome - Wife Zebedee - Mother of James & John: The Shawl of Worship
Her boys were called the “sons of thunder.”  She worships Jesus, her nephew, boldly.
There was no doubt in my mind that this image had to be one of a storm. I'd like to wear this shawl myself!

Mary of Magdala:  The Shawl of Transformation 
Mary talks about the total turnaround in her life.  I immediately knew that I was going to create a shawl with butterflies.

Joanna and Pilate’s Wife:  The Shawl of Sacrifice
Joanna’s husband was the steward in Pilate’s house.  She will talk about Pilate's wife’s warning. The colors purple symbolize warning.  This banner can be ordered with one shawl per banner or with the two shawls together.

I chose to create two totally different shawl patterns but both in purple.  Pilate's wife's shawl is more sophisticated as I'm sure she would have had the means to employ artisans in any era.  There is no fringe as I made the assumption that as Pilate's wife, she was not Jewish but was a follower of Christ.  This is the other shawl I'd love to wear.   I started off with a somewhat symmetrical image but decided that I preferred the asymmetrical design.  To create Joanna's shawl, I originally created a nebula and then swirled the paint!

The women at the empty tomb:  He Lives! 
Three women meet early on Sunday to talk about the preparation of Jesus’ body and are seen at the entrance to the empty tomb.


Banners can be requested individually or as a group.  For the banners that have multiple shawls in them, they can be separated and printed individually if requested.

The banners were created at 2 ft. x 3 ft but can be proportionally enlarged or  reduced .   Note: If the 2'x3' size on paper is selected, the price is $55 for museum quality, heavy stock, archival paper and ink. Call for a quote on other sizes or materials including fabric or canvas (775-425-6821).  If you purchase 7 or more of these images on paper, printed in our studios, get one banner free.  Each banner can also be made into a greeting card or grouped into sets of cards. 

See The Men of Lent banner series on Banners page 4.
The banner came on Monday and is wonderful! Thanks so much! Leanne
Call us at 775-424-2548 or E-mail us at Pacific Time in Nevada
Hearts Clergy stoles
"Julie,  The stole arrived today and it is gorgeous. The green will match our priest's chasuble perfectly. We plan to present it to him on Sunday!
Thank you so much for working so closely with me and creating such a beautiful gift for Fr. Dick. I've been spreading the word about your website!
"My stole just arrived!!! Thank you so much--I put it on and burst into tears! I'm getting ordained on May 26, and our class symbol is the butterfly. It's perfect! I love it! Thank you!-Brooke"
Rainbow crown of thorns stole
Rainbow 3
Crown of Thorns Banner
Up to 26" x 26"
Customer Thanks:

"Thanks soooo much! It's beautiful, stunning,  spectacular!  Liz will love it, I have no doubt. 
I'm so glad that I found you to create this special gift. You've been very accommodating, and this creation is like my vision transferred to cloth.  
Thanks again." 
Due to COVID-19 Stoles are not available at this time.
Do you have different words or a different color you would like to try?  Here it is in blue with different words.

From the Customer:

The stole arrived yesterday as promised!  It is absolutely beautiful.  I love the blue - it seems to give it a feeling of fluidity.  I can't wait to present this to my husband this weekend.  He is going to be thrilled.  I once again have to thank you for going above and beyond getting this to me so quickly with all the changes I wanted to make and while you were on vacation on top of it!!  You are the epitome of customer service.