Your Denomination's/Faith's Logo and/or wording on the Banner and Stole

The chalice can be replaced with your denomination's logo at no cost.  (UCC, Methodist, Presbyterian, Christian Church-DOC, Lutheran, American Baptist, other faiths etc.)

A wonderful star field can be included in the background of this stole, similar to the banner on the left.  
World Communion Sunday Banner and Stoles

Add your denomination's logo at no cost or request the banner without a logo.
Pricing is at the bottom of the page.
Clergy Stoles for World Communion Sunday
The Tools of The Great Carpenter Banner and Stole
Some of the many tools for transformation and change that Christ has given us are superimposed over a variety of antique tools used for carpentry and building.

This banner is appropriate for sermons about a variety of themes as shown on the banner.  Also appropriate for a variety of sermons about volunteering, Habitat for Humanity, Corazon and other home construction projects.  The tools shown are about 50 years old and were drawn and not photographed.  For an enlargement of the tools and some more history behind this image, please click here  and here.  The tools in this image won awards two years in a row.

Wording changes are free.
 Custom banners are usually available from small poster sizes up to pretty large sizes, a few up to 5' across.  The price:   For pricing, go to the top of the page.  Great for churches or others on a budget.  Custom banners are welcome and are reasonably priced.  Go to the link at the top of the page for details. (Look for the pointing hand. 
Here I Raise Mine Ebenezer Banner
Raise your Ebenezer with these banners that contain both contemporary and traditional language on stones celebrating God's help in our lives.   What is an Ebenezer?  

        Ebenezer "Riverbed" Banner                                                                Ebenezer Banner

Convertible Stoles and Deacon's Stoles

Now any stole you see can be made into a convertible.
Would you like a stole without a neckline, such as for a deacon's stole?   Just ask!   If your stole needs a tie at the hip line, one will be attached.   And if you need a convertible Deacon-to-Priest stole we will tack down the neck line with single stitches so they are easily snip-able when the person becomes  a priest.   See below for pricing details.  Optionally you may request a fabric strip connecting the front and the back if the conversion is permanent.
Here am I Lord, Send Me Banner, Stole and cards
This brightly colored, nebulous background with star field banner and stole declare the role of the servant-leader.  Notice that "Send Me" is echoed in the background.  These are appropriate for ordinations, installation of new officers and sermons about being called to service.  See pricing details at the bottom of the page.
This is a sample only.  Pick any stole you like from this
        web site. add text.
Ephesians 6:17
The Sword of the Spirit
View of banner detail.
Available in sizes from 13"  x 39"  to billboard size in a variety of material and fabric.  See the bottom of the page for details.  Also available as a greeting card.
Seasons of Life Wedding and Anniversary Banner
This lovely verse accompanies a church window illustrating the four seasons.  Appropriate for weddings and especially for those marrying when they are older or for anniversary celebrations.

If you are considering this banner, please ask to see the detail.  There is bark on the lower branches and many fall colors in the leaves.   As always, you may change the verse if you wish at no additional charge.

Available in a variety of sizes and materials.  See the bottom of the page for details.

Matching cards/invitations are available.

Available with or without the crown of thorns.
The Fig Tree Banner, Stole and Greeting Card.
Banner is available in a variety of sizes and materials.  Scroll to the bottom for details.
The Fig Tree
Banner Detail
Custom Entry Banner with Church's Mission Statement
This custom entry banner will hang on both sides of the narthex at Sparks First Christian Church.  13" x 44"   
The request for this banner included having local terrain included for this area in the high desert of Nevada with the Sierra Nevada mountains in view.  The golden eagle is common to the area along with silver sagebrush.  The Disciples of Christ logo with the chalice are central to the image.

This image is available for banners.  Your words and logo can be added at no additional charge.

Sizes up to bill board sizes are available.  Banner prices are at the bottom of the page.

Banner Enlargement Here

Eagle Enlargement Here
The Burning Bush banner with your choice of text
Banner detail
Greeting card Price Below
Foot Washing Banner

Is it enough to receive communion or should we also be reminded that service is an equal component to being disciples of Christ?   This banner with a basin and towel is appropriate for communion, foot washing services, Good Friday or any time service is a theme.    Biblical reference: John 13:1-17

Scroll to the bottom for banner details.

Also available as a greeting card.
Forbidden Fruit Banner
(aka "Even God had disobedient children.)

Humor is a wonderful method to experientially deliver a message.  This is the first in hopefully a series of banners with a sense of humor.  Appropriate for  Mother's Day, Father's Day, sermons about Genesis, forgiveness and more!

Great for parenting or Mom's groups too.

Love Hope Peace Joy Greeting Card
Would you like a gift card or package of cards to give or use yourself?   Just ask!   If you don't see a card matching a stole or banner, just request it.
Greeting card prices are here.

Eagle detail
The Story Behind the Stole

What a joy it was to be greeted at the Waiola Church (United Church of Christ) on Maui with a chorus of ukuleles and hymn singing led by our old friend Kent Stewart.  The sides of the church were entirely opened up to allow the Hawaiian breezes to blow through too. 

At the beginning of the service we heard the wonderful story from "Auntie Penny" about Kahu (Pastor) Donald’s new ukulele, to replace the one that had “gone missing.”  I saw that the story behind the gift was indeed a part of the gift.  We had a wonderful service and afterwards received another gift from Alexa Vaught, their moderator, during the church’s weekly lunch-we heard stories of Hawaiian history, her family, culture, lore and personal reflections of the meaning of being Hawaiian.

This is the story of the stole that will be sent to the Waiola church along with this stole.  I don’t think any of them know about this web site so let’s hope it stays a surprise.   

One of the many things we learned while on Maui was that aloha has a wide range of meanings that go far beyond hello and goodbye.  Aloha additionally incorporates the meanings and spirit  of love, community, friendship, family, fellowship and an entire host of definitions that give rise to philosophy and way of life.  “Live Aloha” was on the pin that our friend Kent Stewart gave us and told us that this was his wife’s dream when they moved there.  So in memory of Patty and in honor of a way of life that is Christ like in the islands, gave rise to the words on the stole, “To live in Christ is to live Aloha.”

Above the words are the ocean, a warm sunset and a set of solitary footprints on the sand.  When Kahu (Pastor) Donald asked the keiki (children) to come forward for the keiki moment he asked them what they were thankful for.  We heard the words: family, friends, brothers, sisters and the ocean.  (Indeed not what I expected to hear from elementary school children.) What a breath of hope I heard in those words.  So the ocean is not only a gift from God but represents the children, their dreams and a sense of renewal of spirit that comes with every new wave upon the beach.  I chose a sunset to reflect the warmth of the people and their willingness to share that with others.  The solitary footsteps on the beach are to remind us that even in our moments of solitude, despair and need for healing that Christ carries us and enfolds us in His arms.

The flowers on the other side of the stole represent the traditional lei and welcoming of all people into the church and the family of God. The fringe on the bottom represents not only the people of the congregation but of the soft breezes blowing through the church.  I saw that Kahu Donald wore a short stole and casual dress so I created this one to match the style of his other stole so he won’t need to wear long, hot robe under a regular length stole. 

Thank you for the gifts that you gave us.

See also the "Forgiveness is like the ocean" banner above.
The Aloha Tropical Stole.  
Purchase details at the top and/or bottom of the page.
Thanksgiving Banner
Thanksgiving Banner
Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving vertical and horizontal banners and stole.  Banners are available in a variety of sizes to meet your church's needs from 13" x 38" to much, much larger and some even up to billboard sizes.  Short and long stoles are available. See the bottom of the page for ordering details and wording options.  
Matching Gift/Greeting Card
Forgiveness Banner
...and greeting card.  Details at the bottom of the page.
Sizes start at 13" x 19" up to "huge."
Details are at the bottom of the page.  This image is imaginary but was inspired by a visit to Hawaii.

Also see the "To Live in Christ is to Live Aloha" stole further down on the page.
The Light of the World Banner
The Light of the World #2 Stole
"The Light of the World - 2" .  As are all of our banners, it is available in a variety of  materials including fabric from small to billboard sizes.  There is a matching stole. and greeting card.  Wording changes are free.   Learn about our virtual banner hanging/preview services.  The image above is of an atmospheric phenomenon called a "sun pillar" caused by light reflecting off of ice crystals.  The photo was taken the morning of December 12, 2007.  Ordering details are at the bottom of the page.
The Light of the World Greeting Card
Light of the World #2
Aurora Stole
Aurora Stole
Aurora Stole
Aurora Stole
The Aurora Stole Series
One of God's amazing creations are the Aurora, the northern and southern lights, dazzling displays of undulating color. Celebrate the heavens and God's creations.  See the bottom of the page for details.
Aqua                                 Blue                              Green                        Light Salmon                           
Wording and/or your denomination's logo added at no additional cost to stoles.

Ordering details are at the bottom of the page.
Aurora background for Banner
Would you like an aurora background similar to this one for your banner?  Choose this or other colors in the size you want.  Add text and/or images. Ordering details are at the bottom of the page.

Transformation banner with antique tools
Other Thanksgiving and fall banners are:

Come Ye Thankful People Come!

We Gather Together to Ask the Lord's Blessing

Thanksgiving Clergy Stole by
You may also request a black background, rather than dark green, surrounding the art on the stole at no additional charge.
World Communion Sunday stole.  Add your denomination logo at no additional cost.
             Central and South America                             Africa                                                Asia                                                              Australia                                          Europe and descendents

These stoles are all available in our new STYLE 1 shown at the bottom of the page.  They will be printed edge to edge with a beautiful collar that lays flat around the back of the shoulders.
Our new design (style 2) 106" Aloha stole with 
a denomination logo at the bottom.    Logos are always added at no additional cost.  Wordin g change are also free.  Ask to see your preview at no cost.
Forbidden fruit
Forbidden Fruit Fused Glass Pendant
Just click on the pendant for an enlargement or to purchase.  Only $16
Fused Glass Pendant
Just click on the pendant for an enlargement or to purchase.  Only $16
Here am I
Send me
 Fused Glass Pendants
Just click on the pendant for an enlargement or to purchase.  Only $16 each
Kauai stole ith Rooster Feathers
See our Kaua'i stole with rooster feathers on page 4.
Stoles, banners or other liturgical art are available for all faiths.
    UCC (United Church of Christ), The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ -DOC), Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, LDS, Latter Day Saints, Mormon, Mormons,  Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Independent, Church of Christ, Seventh Day Adventist, Quaker, Friends, Christian Scientists, Religious Scientists, African Methodist Episcopal, AME, COGIC, Buddhist, Bahai, Unitarian, Jehovah's Witnesses, Independent, Evangelical, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, Korean, Samoan, Pentecostal, Calvinist, Hinduism, Judaism, Jews, Calvinists, Clerical, Minister, Priest, Ministerial, Druid, Pagan, Native, United Church of Canada, Gay, Lesbian, Queer, Questioning, Transgender, Intersex, LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQI, clergy stoles, clerical stoles, minister stoles, stoles for ministers, ministerial stoles, stoles for clergy
Aqua 2
Orange 2
Orange 1
Aurora stole with Customer requested logos.
"Here am I" stole in our new pattern.  It comes in 106" as shown on the left and 70" as shown on the right.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for details and pricing and other styles.  Wording changes are always free along with adding church or denomination logos.
Scroll to the bottom of the page  for styles, lengths, prices and other details.  Wording changes are free along with adding church or denomination logos.
This is the "Here Am I" Greeting Card.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for details.
"Dear Julie: 
The aloha stole is stunning! I am sure we will be doing more business in the future. Keep those creative juices flowing.
Transformation "Tools" Clergy Stole

We have stoles for so many occasions and that are significant to a variety of folks.

We've now had several requests for the "Tools of the Great Carpenter" stole  for ministers and congregations which are focused on service to others via home construction such as Habitat for Humanity, Corazon and Rebuilding Together.

Some of the many tools for transformation and change that Christ has given us are shown along with a variety of antique tools used for carpentry and building.

This stole is appropriate for sermons about a variety of themes as shown on the stole.  It is also appropriate for a variety of sermons about volunteering.

The tools shown are over 50 years old and were drawn and not photographed.  For an enlargement of the tools and some more history behind this image, please click here  and here.  The tools in this image won awards two years in a row.

Choose a black or a white back to this stole.  In this view you are seeing the back of the collar and the front of the stole in the same view.

Room can be made at the bottom for your church or denomination logo.

Wording changes are free.
Our stoles can be made in our 70" length or our 106" length.

Choose any symbols you like, any text you want or ask for it plain.
Kudos on customer creativity!

"Julie,  The banners arrived this afternoon and I just couldn't wait to open them.  THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!
We are all so excited about how they look.  Can't wait for advent to arrive so we can show them off.
Thank you so much for your help with this.  And thank you, especially, for being so easy to work with.  I will have to start thinking of another project that we will need a banner for.  God bless you and your team.  Monica"

Art from the Soul will change the words on almost all banners at no additional cost.

"Julie, I arrived home this evening from a trip... Your stole was waiting for me and it is beautiful!
It is everything I hoped and I thank you for your prompt and efficient service and 
desire to meet all my requests. Sunday I will present this stole to our new minister, 
Donald Shenk. I know he will treasure it. I certainly will give him your name and 
website. Thank you for a very impressive work of art that will catch the eye and 
breath of many a UCC worshipper in the years to come.   Scott Cameron"

"You certainly have my ...utmost gratitude for the amazing artistry!  To have such a spectacular, meaningful, beautiful piece of work to wear for my first "official" service of communion yesterday was an honor.  I shall treasure the stole, and anything I can do to help get the word out about your beautiful work I am happy to do.  I'm so glad Scott found you!
Blessings on YOUR ministry,
Pastor Donald Shenk"

Pentecost flames stole
Light of the World #2 stole
Double sided stole
"Julie,  The  stole arrived and it is beautiful!!!  Thank you for all your assistance  in the ordering process.
Blessings to you,  Rae"
Preview what your banner will look like in your church.  
Just send us a photo of the area of your church where you plan on hanging your banners and we will hang them virtually to make sure they are just what you want!
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Stoles In StockDiscounted StolesIndexBaptismal Basins and FontsCustomer Photos

Banners and Stoles 1Banners and Stoles 2Banners and Stoles 3Banners and Stoles 4Banners and Stoles 5
Stoles In StockDiscounted StolesIndexBaptismal Basins and FontsCustomer Photos

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Most of our newest Banners and Stoles are on Page 4
Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving
Art from the Soul Clergy Stoles and Banners Pg 2 of 5: 
Clergy Stoles, Choir Stoles, Graduation Stoles and Banners 
So you want the purple "Here Am I" banner and stole in blues and greens? You got it. I may even like this better than the purple one! The original is above. And this custom change took only 40 minutes keeping the customer's cost WAY DOWN. Creativity on a budget!
"Hi Julie,  The stoles were received on Wednesday. I opened the box today at church, and was blessed by the sight of those beautiful artistic pieces. We may have a few more orders to place in the next month. And there are some who would like to order other stoles, as well. 
Some of the comments were: "spectacular, beautiful, amazing work, blessed artist". You are deeply appreciated in our community. 
Please know that you have blessed us with your gift. Continue to be blessed and a blessing. 
Love and peace,  Janice"
Hope Joy Love Peace Banners
Hope, Joy, Love, Peace For Four Sundays.  These banners are available in sizes from 18" x 52" for each panel  up to 36" x 104."  The overall background colors can be changed to match many needs such as purples and blues.  Purchase one or all four.  Pricing is at the bottom of the page in the left column.

 Are you looking for Sunday 5 or The Wise Men?  Click HERE and scroll down to "The Manger" and "The Three Kings."
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Most of Our newest Banners and Stoles are on Page 5
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sea glass stole one
Vespers Banner by Julie Rodriguez Jones
Many of our newest Banners and Stoles are on Page 5
Note Please that this new stole design immediately below is now how all stoles will be created.  There is border to border color including all away around the back.  The back of the stole is shown for your viewing convenience.  Available in 106" and 70."
Aloha 70" stole
(Scroll down for the 106" stole)
Fringe is optional.
The back of the collar is shown facing forwards for the convenience of viewing.
The back side of the stole is black.
Call us at 775-424-2548 or E-mail us at Pacific Time in Nevada
Due to COVID-19 Stoles are not available at this time.