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Astronomical Art and
Atmospheric Phenomena Gallery 1
Liberty's Flame
Revised 7/4/14  Freehand, Digital Airbrush
13" x 19"
5/13/05 Freehand, Digital Airbrush
19" x 13"
Once in a Blue Moon
13" x 19"
Digital airbrush, 6/15/05
Flaming Rose Nebula
22" x 22" or Request
Digital airbrush, 1/12/06
13" x 19"
20" x 30"
Digital airbrush, 2/12/06
"En Route to the ISS"
13" x 19"    7/1/06
Digital Airbrush
Mars Polar Pastel
13 x 19 or request larger size
Digital Airbrush 12/13/06
Comet McNaught
27 x 14.5 or request smaller size
Digital/airbrush 2/1/11
Launch Pad 39A
Digital Airbrush, 19" x 13" or request size
August 22, 2007

The Telescope
Digital, 36"x24,"  19"x13" or request size
October 1, 2007

Mail Art
March 2008
Accretion Disc
Accretion Discs, 1, 2 and 3
October 30, 2009, 3' x 8'
Digital airbrush
A variety of media and sizes are available

Accretion disc 2
Accretion Disc 3
Accretion Disc 1, 3' x8,' October 30 2009, Digital Painting
Supernova Remnant, 24" X 48,"
11/6/09,  Digital Painting

Supernova Remnant
Solar Song
Solar Song, 36" x 78"
11/16/09, Digital Painting
Accretion Disc 2, 3' x8,' October 30 2009, Digital Painting
Accretion Disc 3, 3' x8,' October 30 2009, Digital Painting
Flaming Rose Nebula Ice Cream Dish
Solar System Collage by Julie Rodriguez Jones
Solar System Collage,  24" x 116"
12/3/10 College and Digital Airbrush
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Custome Kitchen Back Splash Space art by Julie Rodriguez Jones turned into a custom kitchen backsplash.
Just see what you can do with our space art!!!
Liberty's Flame Nebula
From  our new series "Edible Astronomy" comes the "Edible Solar System"
From our "Edible Astronomy" series, we present "The Edible Solar System." My mother was an amazing baker and over the years this has crept into my creative side. Confections combined with astronomy seemed to be a natural evolution. Call if you would like us to post individual Planet Cupcakes. 775-424-2549, Julie Jones,,   This is available in a variety of media and on a variety of items at Fine Art America.
Individual Planet Cupcakes are available from the artist directly in two sizes,  8"x8" to 16"x16."  We can adjust the borders to accommodate other sized frames.  We print on archival paper with archival ink.  8"x8" is $10, 16"x16" is $20.  Shipping will be added for your location.  Just let us know where you want it shipped.  Call us at 775-424-2548, Julie Jones, or emial:
Terre Beau Winery Eclipse Event art, posters,shirts, mugs and more are all available at Fine Art America.
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