University of California Berkeley
University of San Francisco, B.S. 1978
Berkeley School of the Arts 

Recent Group Exhibits
2015    Biosphere 2, Tucson, AZ January 8-June30, 2015  Shown will be Solar Song.
2015     Project Hermes:  Art to the Moon  Accretion Disc 2
2014     Art of Space and Light Show, Tucson AZ November 14 - December 31, 2014.  Location: 3202 East First Street, Tucson, AZ 85716
              Shown will be:  Accretion Disc 2Solar SongSupernova RemnantAbraded SurfaceLiberty's Flame Nebula
2013     Division for Planetary Sciences, October 6-11, 2013 Denver, CO.Exhibited was "Sunset On McNaught
2013     Art and Science collaboration Inc. "The Cosmos" Exhibition to be held at the New York Hall of
             Science, August 31, 2013-March2, 2014, August 31, 2013 – March 2, 2014, 47-01 111th St.,
             Queens, NY 11368-2950.  Exhibited will be Solar SongSupernova Remanat and Accretion Disc 2.
2013     15th Annual Judeo-Christian Juried Online International Art Exhibition, Upstream People Gallery 
               Omaha, NE The stoles accepted were:
2013     International Space Art Workshop 4, Exhibited were Sunset on McNauught, Accretion Disc 2 and
             Supernova Remnant.
2012     The Planetary Society: Mars  Pasadena Convention Center Saturday August 5 -6, 2012 Abraded
2011     Small Worlds and Beyond, NASA Ames, Moffett Field, CA March 2011,
              Comet NeatComet McNaught and Accretion Disk 2

List of Prior Exhibitions
"The Art of Space" by Ron Miller 2014, Featured on page 114 is "En Route to the ISS."
"Beau's Dragon" Published by Sage Words Publishing 2014, Illustrator :  Julie Rodriguez Jones, Author : S. Bradley Stoner
"The Adventures of Sarah England" published by Sage Words Publishing 2012, Illustrator: Julie Rodriguez Jones
"The Beauty of Space" by the International Association of Astronomical Artists, Edited by Jon Ramer, 2011
                    Two space art pieces are featured.
"The Alice Rodriguez Memorial Cookbook" by Carol Rodriguez and Julie Rodriguez Jones 2010
                   Cover art, photography, graphic editing, story editing, and personal stories by Julie Rodriguez Jones
"GROW Under the Southern Cross" by Lyn Hurry 2008, Cover by Julie Rodriguez Jones
"A New Dawn" by Jake George 2006, Cover by Julie Rodriguez Jones
"Grandfather's Song" by Jake George 2004, Cover by Julie Rodriguez Jones
"Women of Space:  Cool Careers on the Final Frontier"  by Laura Woodmansee 2003 Featured in chapter
                   abaout space artists

Solo Shows
2007 Northwest Reno Library Gallery Dec 2006- Feb 2007.
November-December 2002 Benefit for the Capital Campaign of First Congregational Church, Berkeley, CA

Recent  Awards and Honors:
April 2015 "Red Eclipse" was chosen to promote the concert "Total Eclipse: The Music of Jim Steinman" at 54 Below in New York City.
August 2013 "Flaming Rose Nebula" appears on the cover of "Pulsar" the publication of the IAAA
April 2013 "Lighthouse Stole with Aurora" receives Special Recognition Award from the "Upstream People
May 2011 Featured in the Reno Talent Magazine
April 2011  Apple Computer is considering "Nova" for a world wide license as a desktop image.
June 1, 2010  Special Recognition Award at the 12th Annual Collage, Digital & Mixed Media Juried Online
                     International Art Exhibition for Solar Song.
April 1, 2010  12th Annual Judeo-Christian International Art Exhibition:  Special Recognition Awards for
                    Mary's Transformation Shawl Banner and the Women at the Empty Tomb Banner
Fall 2009     MARS Quarterly featured "The Port Hole"
September 2009  Mercury Magazine of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific featured several liturgical
                      banners in an article by Lynette Cook about the state of space art.
April 2009  Arts and Religion Article in USA Today 4/8/09 features Art from the Soul
March 2008 "On the Mantel" People's Choice Award, Ironstone Vineyards

Prior Awards           
Reviews, Articles and Press Releases (click here):

When colors merge and forms take shape, it is an experience of God's presence and my soul sings when I create.  I am passionately drawn to the creative process.  

Our ability to image deep space has for me, directed a sense of reverence and marvel at the possibilities of what can be seen in the night sky.  That seed, first burgeoned by a child's drawing, developed into a path forward not only into creating space art but also combining it to create liturgical art.   May you look at the world and what is above with illumination. 

Artist's Statement
Copyright 2000-2010 Julie Rodriguez Jones
Remember starched petticoats? Circa 1958
Click here for some personal photos  and additional biographical/background information.
Artist's Biography
Ross's drawing that spurred Julie on.
The most Frequently Asked Questions:

So tell me Julie, what kind of art do you do?
Well, I "do" space artliturgical art (cloth ministerial stoles and church banners), flowers and a variety of subjects that grab my fancy. Almost all of my space art is not from photos. Now and then I will do a portrait.

I believe that to stay viable as an artist, one must diversify so the skills that I have acquired for my art I also apply to graphic work for businesses, to photo restoration, for application to a variety of products (mugs, shirts and the like) to greeting cards, the production of art and graphics for CDsbook and magazine covers, posters and a whole variety of services and unique projects.

How do you get that look of realism?
Very carefully.  I use a digital airbrush.  It "sprays" wide or narrow, light or heavy, depending on the setting.  I just usually do it on a screen rather than paper.  I do have many pieces that are in traditional media--mostly pencil or colored pencil on paper.  

Do you have a regular work day and philosophy about work?
You bet.  I have my studio/office in my home.  I work most days.  I also believe in giving back to the community and so do a significant amount of work for health related organizations or organizations dealing with children.  Most of these projects are pro bono.   Some recent projects have included:

Holiday Cards for Healing Journeys
Galaxy Explorer's Handbooks   (They are like high tech scouting.)
Poster for Neighbors without Borders
Logo and business graphics for the National Graves Disease Foundation
Business graphics and corporate art for the National African American Tobacco Prevention
Art for a Public Service Announcement for the California Black Women's Health Project filmed
              by Women in Film.
Art for the Kelowna Art Gallery in British Columbia for a fundraiser for wild fire victims.
Art for Bay Area Adoption Services Fundraiser

Where do you get your ideas from?
Mostly from nature and my imagination.  Once in a while I'll work from a photo I took.

Have you gotten MEMed yet?
Yep.  Go to this page to see the answers.

Do you have exhibitions in the US or overseas?  Ever gotten a big award?
Sure, take a look above at the exhibits and awards.   Look here for current exhibitions.
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