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Out of the Blue-Gallery
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The Toy Collection, Freehand Digital Aribrush
2/9/02, Each panel ~ 8"x10"
Pencil and digital manipulation,
19" x 13," or request
July 28, 2001
The Gift
Freehand, digitl airbrush
13" x 19,"
Revised 7/15/05
Woman Singing
5/2/04, Digital Airbrush, Text
19" x 13" or Request

Read about the background of this piece at the link above.
Big Blue Marble
19" x 13,"   6/11/04
Freehand, digital airbrush,
photo manipulation and CG Graphics
Blowing Bubbles
19" x 13,"  9/5/04
Freehand, digital airbrush
Flower Powered
19" x 13,"  Freehand digital airbrush
The Tool Chest
Freehand, digitl airbrush
13" x 19"

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45" High by 52" Wide, 3/25/14
Digital Painting
Crayon Banner
Crayon Banner
24" x 24"
Digital, 6/12/14

We can create a custom banner for your child, school, or art class including a custom name for  the crayon. 
School Is In
is available from
Fine Art America
in a variety of sizes and
in a variety of applications.

Let us know if you don't see the application that you would like such as a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, a mug or other item.