Grandfather's Song by Jake George
Cover Illustration by Julie Rodriguez Jones
Book Covers
Published January 2005 by ArcheBooks Publishing, Las Vegas, NV (formerly a Division of Gelinas & Wolf, Inc.), Grandfather's Song is a Lenape Indian novel by Jake George about Native People's attempt to find their way to the Old World.  This is Mr. George's third book.  This piece of art went from being a promotional piece of art to the cover of the book when Mr. George presented it to the publisher.  It is an honor to be associated with Grandfather's Song and ArcheBooks Publishing.

Original art is available for your publication.  Just contact Art from the Soul or 775-424-2548.

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"Grandfather's Song"  book cover is shown during a promotional video for the book.  Clip is on UTube at:
Author Jake George has been busy signing books at Barnes and Noble.  Jake was an amazing author to work with and gave me tremendous freedom in the creation of the covers--the best type of creativity.
With his book, "A New Dawn"  I read the book before I created the art and I found it to be as captivating as "The DaVinci Code" and couldn't put it down!  
"A New Dawn"  by Jake George
Cover illustration by Julie Rodriguez Jones
This is the cover for this exciting new book by Jake George.  I was as glued to "A New Dawn" as much as I was to "The DaVinci Code."  There is excitement, terror, romance and Native lore all wrapped up into a fast paced novel.  
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"Southern Cross" for "GROW Under the Southern Cross"
 by Lyn Hurry 
(Published in Australia)
Artwork enlargement
The Alice Rodriguez Memorial Cookbook by A Loving Collaboration by the Friends and Family of Alice Rodriguez | Make Your Own Book
See the complete book here:
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The Adventures of Sarah England
Published by Sage Words Publishing, July 2012

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