June - July 2017 Newsletter
Welcome to the June - July 2017 newsletter of AFTS.  In this issue we look at:

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*2017 Eclipse Event at Terre Beau Vineyards in Dover, MO*

*New Stole Patterns*
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2017 Eclipse Event at Terre Beau Winery in Dover, MO.
You may copy and share the above poster.
New Stole Patterns
These new marblized stole patterns will soon be made into stoles.  We will be doing our custom color matching so that what you see is what you get.

These were hand painted and then digitally placed on our stole pattern.

Let us know which ones you like at AFTSJulieRJones@gmail.com
In addition to clergy stoles and church banners you probably know, if you have explored AFTS, that we create space art too.  This event is detailed at the poster to the left and is a three day festival of wine, space art, safe eclipse viewing and Carol Rodriguez's limited edition Eclipse Wine Drizzles.

The 2017 Eclipse Event is in Dover, Missouri's Terre Beau Winery. It is in the path of totality. There will be eclipse and other space art, safe eclipse viewing, Terre Beau's amazing wine and Carol Rodriguez's limited edition Eclipse Drizzles. Details are in the poster link to the left. Please feel free to share.