November-December 2017 Newsletter
Welcome to the November-December 2017 newsletter of AFTS.  In this issue we look at:

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* Fall is in the air!.*

* Can you believe that Christmas is almost here?! *

* Did you miss the sunrise? *
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Fall Leaves Banner
Fall is in the air!
Did you know that you can take our fall leaves and ask us to arrange them for  you?  Perhaps you are thinking of a wreath or just tumbling leaves as shown or something totally different.  Feel free to ask us.  Just call us at 775-424-2548 Pacific Time in Nevada.
Did you miss the sunrise?
Sunrise 11/3/17  29" x 95"  Stormy!
Can you believe that Christmas is almost here?!

Did you know that we have a very large index for our Clergy stoles and banners?  The index is by theme or topic.  Take a look at our Christmas and holiday selections!

See a few of our holiday highlight below.
This banner can be printed on everything from our heavy stock archival paper and ink (200 year lifetime) to fabric and modern synthetics materials. Banner sizes available begin at 20 inches x~ 67 inches with a 3" pole pocket (our most economical at at $106 on heavy stock, archival paper) up to 3' x 12' on a variety of materials. Please call for the size you require, hanging requirements and prices, 775-424-2548. (Just call us if you would like a size other than what is listed: 775-424-2548.) BANNER ordering information is HERE.

AND it is available from Fine Art America HERE!

Christmas Cards with the same image are available HERE from Fine art America as low as $1.75/card when purchased in a pack of 25.

Christmas Cards and other products with this image in additional sizes and quantities (including individual cards) are also available from Cafe Press from as low as $1.25/card when purchased in packages.  There are both beautiful glossy finishes and matte finished cards!

Christimas Cards are available here at Fine Art America:
Christimas Cards And Other Products  are also available here at Cafe Press: 
This manger banner is also available at Fine Art America.
See the variety of banners and other products with our wise men on it at Fine Art America.

See other offerings including economy banners here: 
The Wise Men by Julie Rodriguez Jones
11/8/17 Sunrise,  29" x 82"
11/18/17 Sunset  21x70
Sunrise 11/22/17, 52" x 123"