January-February 2017 Newsletter
Welcome to the January - February 2017 newsletter of AFTS.  In this issue we look at:

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* Did you know that AFTS offers a wide collection of sunrises and sunsets? *
* Footbridge Over the Creek *
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Here are a few from December 2016
Sunset 11/13/16  23" x 79"
Sunrise 11/30/16 29" x 133"
Sunrise 12/4/16 29" x 109"
Sunrise 12/7/16  29" x 62"
Sunrise 12/20/  29x69
Did you know that AFTS offers a wide collection of sunrises and sunsets for almost any application?
Click the link to explore what we have:  Sunrises 1    Sunrises 2      Sunrises 3
Call us at 775-424-2548 to discuss your needs.  You'll find that our prices are more than reasonable!
Footbridge Over the Creek
This is offered exclusively through Fine Art America.  See the variety of applications offered!  Just click here:  http://fineartamerica.com/featured/footbridge-over-the-creek-julie-rodriguez-jones.html